Dentyl pH mouthwash
An alcohol free mouthwash that has been clinically proven to combat bad breath

Dentyl pH is an alcohol-free mouthwash clinically proven to help combat bad breath. Dentyl pH contains active anti-bacterial agents that attract and absorb the bacteria that cause bad breath. When you rinse you will see what has been removed proof that it really works! Recommended by dental professionals, Dentyl pH contains fluoride and helps fight plaque, protecting teeth and gums and providing long-lasting freshness for up to 18 hours.

Dentyl pH is gentle to use and does not burn or sting, it is the same pH as saliva. Because it is alcohol-free it does not dry the mouth (which can make bad breath even worse).

Available in Clove and Smooth Mint flavours, in 500ml or 250ml.

Dentyl pH mouthwash:
- Contains anti-bacterial agents to destroy oral bacteria.
- Is alcohol-free and does not dry the mouth.
- Contains fluoride to strengthen teeth and prevent decay.
- Is the same pH balance as saliva.