If you pick up a magazine today you'd be forgiven for thinking that there were no more taboos. And you'd be right. Almost.

The one subject that people still don't discuss is bad breath.

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Steps to fresh breath for life

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True or False?

So, you know someone who knows someone who told them who told you that the average toothbrush has more than 5 million germs. You've got to be kidding... Right?
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The chocoholics guide to healthy teeth
28 March 13
Although we may not be quite as chocolate ‘verskrik’ as the Brits, who consume a massive 80 million chocolate eggs a year, South Africans love chocolate with a passion and their pockets – the chocolate market is valued at over R5 billion a year* with sales booming at peak holidays like Easter.

Take a fresh look at Facebook
29 January 13
Join IVOhealth on Facebook for great competitions and lots of fresh breath and oral care info and advice. IVOhealth is a distributor of innovative, quality health and oral care brands. Their dedicated team brings the best products from around the world to South Africa. www.facebook.com/ivohealth.

Win - Philips Sonicare and iPad 4s - Getting Fresh 101
29 January 13
This February you could win a Philips Sonicare powerbrush or an iPad 4 in IVOhealth's Getting Fresh 101 competition www.gettingfresh101.co.za.